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Keep NCAA Status Quo

What the fuck are you doing NCAA? College football is bigger than ever, and we are less then a month away from March Madness. You are a billion dollar industry, because you basically run a professional sports league under the term of college athletics. And now you want to investigate every college coach and program for giving out improper benefits? Keep that up and you won’t have a product anymore.

The headlines read “Sean Miller Offers Player 100K on Tape.”

We are supposed to sit there and think, “Oh my god, Mr. Miller is so horrible. He is ruining college athletics. He will never coach again. Blah blah blah.”

But I have absolutely no problem with what Sean Miller did. He is trying to win, and he is trying to keep his job. This is no different from any major college coach in basketball or football. Every major program is bending rules and having boosters slip kids money and frankly I have no problem with it. These kids are playing on major television stations with tons advertisements. Their bodies are on the line.

There will never be a proper system on how to pay college athletes, so it’s in the best interest for the NCAA is to let things remain as they are and let the bidding and paying off go under the table. Its been happening for years. As they once said, SMU and later NFL star Eric Dickerson was the only athlete to take a pay cut by going pro. So just let it be.

And why the fuck is the FBI involved? With all the problems this country has from terrorism, to guns and drugs, the FBI deems tapping phones to college coaches a priority? How does one get assigned to it.

“Sargent Tanner, we’re going to take you off ISIS and have you investigate the real threat in our society. A college basketball coach offering money to a kid so he can help his family and himself. That’s the real problem in our country.”

If the NCAA does a complete and thorough investigation and cleans out all the coaches, players, and programs that have given players improper benefits, we just may have a new set of college football and basketball powerhouses. In 2020, be prepared for a Final Four in either of these sports that will include Harvard, Bucknell, Columbia, and Lehigh.

I also could see two developmental leagues for the best 18-19 year old kids in both those sports starting up. That might be lots of fun. Not sure that would happen, but if the NCAA wants to completely clean up their system and make everything extremely pure, we’ll start seeing all our best basketball kids heading overseas.

And that is my ultimate question that I don’t understand. When everything is ultimately about money. NCAA, why the fuck are you biting the hand that has fed you for years?

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