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Matty Mush's Super Bowl 52 Preview

If you’ve watched a random football game in the last 5 years announced by Walt Ruther’s favorite neighbor/broadcaster, Cris Collinsworth, the name Joe Montana probably came up. There’s never a visual, but there’s always a bizarre pause. This happened again recently, but this time Collinsworth broke his normally neutral unbiased broadcast persona and said: “I hate Joe Montana. He has two of my Super Bowl rings.”

In 1982, Collinsworth was a young, emerging star, but by the '88-89 season he was a washed up vet with a bad back. Most of the players had changed from his two Super Bowl seasons, except for Joe Montana.

You ordinarily don’t hear those words from a broadcaster, but one could tell Collinsworth had Nam flashbacks of “the drive.” I’m sure he hates Jon Candy too (diehard football fans will get this).

I’m starting this memory to preview Super Bowl 52 because the Eagles might feel the same way about Brady after Sunday. It was 2004-2005 when Brady beat the Eagles in a game more known for McNabb’s vomit and Andy Reid’s clock management, than Brady’s greatness. And 12 years later they face TB once again.

Brady is the only player remaining from that 2004 team and once again he has the chance to break Philly’s heart. In my opinion this is the worst talented Pats team that has gone to the Super Bowl. All the pressure is on Brady’s right arm to carve up the Eagles and get his sixth ring. Eagles fans hate everybody. But the name Tom Brady can forever be a nasty curse word in filthy Philly.

As a Pats fan I’m very terrified of this game. It seems the Pats are just hanging on and hoping they can eek out one more victory. I see the Eagles taking an early lead and then it’s up to Tom Brady to do his thing. And because I’m a homer, and I’m going with my heart, Brady will do it again and squeak out a 31-28 victory at the buzzer. Forever the name Brady will bring angry and violent chills to the lovely people of Philly. The same way Montana is a nasty word to the wonderful people of Cincinnati.

Now on to some bets! Here are some Matty Mush Prop Bets:

1. My LOCK

- Over 48.5

I see the second half lighting it up with points. The Pats D is average at best and when Brady gets going he can carve up any D. This is my best bet. I have a hundy on it.

2. Danny Amendola over 47.5 yards. Danny has emerged as Brady’s go to guy without Edelman. He was super clutch against Jacksonville, and I’m pretty sure the Eagles are going to double Gronk. I think Amendola reaches 50 yards by halftime.

3. First touchdown:

I like going with long shots on this bet.

Torrey Smith is 22-1. Throw $5 bucks on it and make a hundred.

More likely Deion Lewis 10-1.

And if you want to throw a buck or two on a Tom Brady sneak, he’s 33-1.

Well those my mush picks. I hope everyone enjoys the Super Bowl and enjoys some insane footage from my party. Lotsa wings, Coca Cola, and edibles. I’ll be sure to be turnt the whole game. And please people of Philly, win or lose please for the love of god, do not destroy your city.

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