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Nick Foles Pillaged the Vikings

The consensus of most Championship Sundays is you will get one classic game and one blow out. I’m writing this somewhere in the fourth quarter of the Eagles destruction of the Vikings, and it seems like this was certainly the case. Three teams showed up today, and the Vikings didn’t.

In the last column I wrote a team getting some sort of miracle playoff win usually goes on to continue the journey. But the Vikings were either drained or they were a tad overrated all season. I just can’t believe they sucked their fans in once again. Even more than the 2009 Favre team, there was hope that this was the year they got to the big dance. They had the miracle, they had the SKOL chants, and all they had to do was beat a backup QB who looked unimpressive last week. We’re talking about Nick Foles, the same freaking Nick Foles cut by Jeff Fisher via phone just went elite on them.

I still have questions about Napoleon Nick, because I’m not sure how good Foles really is. Is he the QB that thrived his first go around in Philly, or the guy who was the turnover machine in St. Louis? Is he the guy who lit up the New York Giants late in the season, or the same bloke who couldn’t complete a pass against the Raiders and Cowboys? Maybe he's somewhere in between, but man were the Vikings disappointing.

There isn’t much to analyze in this game, except the Vikings gave up so many long third down conversions, which was their biggest strength. Their D got torched all over the field and looked exhausted. After their first half vs the Saints, they gave up 62 points in 6 quarters. The momentum also shifted after a first quarter pick six by Keenum. With a 38-7 final score the Vikings were completely dominated.

Watching and rooting for the Viks I was pissed they weren’t blitzing enough. But when Foles made a clutch third down throw and took a nasty hit early in the third quarter, the Vikings were overmatched. The game was a blowout and I don’t remember much of the second half. Not sure anyone outside of Pennsylvania-Southern Jersey did either. Thank god for the first game.

Sometimes I go in a twitter worm hole and today's twitterverse wanted you to believe that the fix was in for Brady and the Pats. They wanted you to believe the refs celebrated with the Pats and shook Brady’s hand after the game as if they were in cahoots.

But again this comes down to not putting the dagger in the dragon. The Chiefs got it right in week 1. Leading in the second half, they never took the foot off the gas. They kept attacking. It seemed the Jags who played a great first half were just trying to hold on. They played conservative, and didn’t want to lose the game.

And again no one will be talking about Brady’s fourth quarter, or even the clutch game Danny Amendola had after Gronk was concussed on a controversial hit. Instead they will talk about an official patting Brady on the back after the game is over. But my question to the genius conspiracy theorists is if the ref was in cahoots with Brady why would he tap him at the end of the game? Wouldn’t he be a tad more discreet?

Oh yeah there is a picture of a fully dressed Keenum smiling with Foles after the game, hugging each other. So are we saying Keenum fixed the game too?

Eagles-Pats is going to be a great Superbowl. Perhaps it would be better with Wentz, but if today’s Foles shows up, it will be a classic. Prediction coming soon.

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