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I'm Pulling Out on "The Cromarties"

When I learned Antonio Cromartie was getting his own reality show I was pumped. For the past 2 years Cromartie and his super sperm have been a recurring topic of discussion on our show. We even had a serious debate if Cromartie’s NFL earnings were enough to support all his children. I called my dad (he still doesn’t know I recorded the call for our show), a retired stock broker to weigh in on the matter. Since appearing on HBO’s Hard Knocks in 2010 I’ve found Antonio Cromartie story fascinating. Nothing could stop his sperm, not even a vasectomy…it was an amazing story and I couldn’t get enough.

On our podcast I started saying Cromartie needed his own reality show. My hard pitch began about 18 months ago. During one of our episodes I stated Cromartie and his kids were the perfect reality show for BRAVO. I pictured AC living in a house with all 14 of his kids and all the baby mommas. His wife, their 6 kids, 7 baby mommas and those 8 kids…imagine the drama! Naturally I was stoked when I learned a few months ago my dream had come true. The USA Network was launching a reality show titled The Cromarties.

But sadly the network and the producers completely missed the mark. Instead of forcing Cromartie to live in a house with all 14 of his kids, baby mommas and his wife, they opted to stick with his immediate family. The show is just AC, his pregnant wife Terricka and their 5 kids. After watching the first episode I was completely disappointed. There’s nothing interesting about a former NFL star and his family. The episode just showed AC doing normal dad stuff with his kids. That’s just not interesting. I want to see the baby momma drama and a house full of 14 kids. Just imagine the Real World, but with kids and angry ex girlfriends. It had the potential for a weekly 30 minute World Star video. The truth is Cromartie and his wife just aren’t interesting enough. And I don’t blame them. Neither of them are entertainers. He’s an athlete by profession, an 11 year NFL veteran, and his wife Terricka is just a normal house mom.

It was very frustrating to watch a mundane show that had so much potential to be exciting and filled with nonstop drama. Maybe the show will get better. I’ll give it another week, which means Cromartie will probably have 3 more kids by next episode. Until then I guess I’ll hope my other NFL reality TV idea show happens. Tim Tebow, Johnny Manziel, OJ Simpson, and Michael Sam live in a house together…Talk about Must See TV!

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