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Nickel's Dimes Week 7

Please forgive me Dirtballs. I had this all written up and ready to be published last night, but went to edit it after the first inning of the NLCS and got distracted for the rest of the game. I'll just skip over KC/OAK since it's already been played (I was taking KC by the way). Alright, lets get it started.

1) Tampa Bay at Buffalo, no line. It looks like Jameis is going to start and Fitzpatrick is back to the bench. That being said, I'm still taking Buffalo. I think their defense can give a struggling Winston some trouble, and they're at home where they play well. I think it will be a close game, but Buffalo all day.

2) Carolina (-3) at Chicago. I'm going to go out on a limb and take Chicago. They have played every team close at home, and with the absence of Kuechly I can see Chicago keeping it close all the way until the end. I know Carolina has been playing good all season, I think they will win but Chicago will cover.

3) Tennessee (-5.5) at Cleveland. Tennessee all day baby. Mariota looked good last week, albeit against the Colts. Still, I think Tennessee pulls away by at least a touchdown late in the game.

4) New Orleans (-5.5) at Green Bay. I know Rodgers is hurt, but jeez is that a crazy line on this game. I guess in the thick of things it's not unrealistic to think New Orleans can win by a touchdown. With New Orleans having the suspect defense, I wouldn't be shocked if they only won by a field goal as well. A nice 43-40 game is in the works. That being said, with it being Hundley's first career start, give me New Orleans. If the game is tide with 3 seconds left in the 4th quarter, I hope Brees can channel his inner Rodgers and throw a 60 yard touchdown to Thomas.

5) Jacksonville (-3) at Indy. What an awful, disgusting game. Who the hell is going to go watch this? I'm sure they will still sell more tickets than the Rams. Give me Jacksonville. No analysis needed for this shitshow.

6) Arizona at Rams (-3). It's surprising, when you think of the Rams' defense, you think of that frontline of theirs. But Donald and the boys are among the worst when it comes to stopping the run. Will Peterson be able to remake week 6 and run wild all over them? My guess (and yes, it's just a guess) is that he'll have a similar game to last week, but not *as* dominant. I can see 90 yards and a touchdown from AP. All that being said, I'm going to take the Rams and the points. Goff going against Arizona's secondary worries me a little bit, but I''m going to take a leap of faith and ride with Los Angeles.

7) Jets at Miami (-3). Another wonderful, star studded game......NOT. Just like Cutler when it comes to this game, I DOOOOON'T CAAAAAARE. Okay, all jokes aside now. Give me the Jets and the points. Simply because I will not pick Miami until that $1000 is firmly in the Thust Fund.

8) Baltimore (-5.5) at Minnesota. I cannot believe this line whatsoever. Minnesota is coming off a win against Green Bay, albeit without Rodgers, and Baltimore is coming off an overtime lose to the Bears. How the hell is Baltimore favored by 5.5? What does Vegas know that we don't? I'm taking Minnesota and the points all day. I think their defense can make Flacco struggle a bit and Keenum can keep it close enough. I don't necessarily think Minnesota will win outright, but I think they definitely cover.

9) Dallas (-6) at San Francisco. The Zeke saga continues. Will he play? Will he not play? Well, this week it looks like he's still not suspended yet. I know my boss, Ruther, is obsessed with the 9ers and they play everybody close. It wouldn't surprise me if Dallas only won by a field goal, but I feel like Dallas wins this by a touchdown. Give me them Cowboys.

10) Seattle (-5.5) at the Giants. Even though Seattle has to fly across the country, they're still winning this game by 10 points. Give me Seattle. That is all.

11) Cincy at Pittsburgh (-5.5). Pittsburgh coming off of a nice win against Kansas City and they're home? Give me Pittsburgh. I think Bell is going to have another huge game and is starting to get on track of looking like the old Bell. Pittsburgh has been funny this year, just when you think they're going to turn it around, they come out and play like shit. Giving Kansas City its first loss, you would imagine they'd come out on Sunday riding that momentum and steam roll the lousy Bengals.That being said, they will probably get blown out by 3 touchdowns because that's what they do. Still, give me Pittsburgh.

12) Denver at the Chargers, no line. Siemian, Siemian, Siemian. What am I going to do with you, man? One week you're throwing for 300 yards and 4 touchdowns, and then the next week you can't even throw a 10 yard Out without it being picked off. Only reason I'm taking Denver is because I hope they're using that beating they took against the winless Giants last week, as fuel for this week. Give me Denver.

13) Atlanta at New England (-3.5). Super Bowl rematch. We all know New England's defense is suspect. That being said, I'm hoping Atlanta uses this rematch as a chance to get revenge. Because that is sole reason why I'm taking Atlanta. I don't know if you guys have heard or not, but Atlanta blew a huge lead in last year's Super Bowl. I hope they use that fuel to win this game and cover my ass. Give me Atlanta and the points.

14) Washington at Philly (-4.5). Is Carson Wentz really going to be the leagues MVP this year? That's wild. I like the kid, no hate whatsoever. Philly is playing really good, that front 7 of theirs is just as ferocious as any team. Wentz and the offense can always put up enough points to compete against their opponent. Give me Philly.

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