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Trevor Nickel's Dimes

Well, well, well, here we are, week 5 of the NFL regular season. To show everybody that I'm smarter than my bosses and should be hosting my own sports podcast, I will be uploading a blog every Wednesday night/Thursday afternoon that rivals their shitty NFL picks. So here we go, lets get it started!!

1) New England (-5.5) is playing Tampa Bay at TB, Praino is taking NE and Ruther is taking TB. I'm going to have to side with my second favorite boss and take TB. I know I know, "Patriots are gonna be pissed after their last game that resulted in a loss, Brady is out for revenge, blah blah blah." But that NE defense is still suspect, I expect NE to win, but TB to cover.

2) Cincinnati (-3) is playing Buffalo at Buffalo, Praino took Buffalo and Ruther went with the hometown team, Bengals. I'm going with boss #1 on this one, Buffalo. No analytics on this one or anything, I just think Buffalo is a better team.

3) The Jets (-1) are playing Cleveland in Cleveland. Praino took the Jets and Ruther took CLE. I'm going CLE on this one. I'm a big Kizer fan, I know the numbers wont really show it, but I think he's played exceptionally well for what talent is around him. I think CLE straight up wins this game at home.

4) Detroit (-2.5) is playing Carolina at Detroit. They both took DET, I'm rolling with CAR. I think they roll their momentum from that New England victory and beat DET. Pretty evenly matched up teams.

5) Indy (-1.5) is playing San Francisco in Indy. Praino took Indy and Ruther took SF. Give me SF all day. I honestly don't think SF is *that* terrible. Yes, they're bad, but not terrible. They have held all of the teams they have played close. I think it's a real possibility that they straight up beat Indy. I'm taking SF.

6) Tennessee versus Miami is a push, Praino took TENN and Ruther took Miami. I'm going TENN on this one. I've had high hopes for TENN all preseason and I'm sticking with it.

7) San Diego is playing the Giants (-3.5) in NY. Praino took SD and Ruther took NYG. Give me SD, I just think they're the better team and will win by a touchdown.

8) Philly (-6) is playing the Cardinals in AZ and they both took AZ. Give me Philly, they win by a TD.

9) PITT (-8) are playing the Jaguars in Pittsburgh and they both took PITT. I'm gonna go out on a limb....give me JAX. I think they can keep up scoring wise against PITT and their defense (which is vastly underrated) will hold PITT.

10) Rams (-1.5) are playing SEA at home and they both took SEA. Going out on a limb again, I'm taking the Rams. They lost by 3 last time and I think this time at home, they win.

11) Oakland (-2.5) is playing Baltimore in Baltimore and they both took BAL. Same here, without Carr against BAL's defense, give me Baltimore at home.

12) Dallas (-2) is playing Green Bay at home and they both took GB. Just out of spite I'm going to take Dallas, but I do think they win this game outright Revenge for the playoffs last year.

13) Kansas City (-1.5) is playing the Texans in Texas and they both took KC. Same here, until KC looses or the spread is -20, I'm taking KC.

14) Minnesota is playing Chicago, it's a push and they both took MINN. Bears play well at home, it's Mitchell's first start......give me Chicago.

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